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How to build a website without coding 
Inga Kot
In this article you’ll find out how to build a website without a single line of code. We’ll talk you through the process and help you understand what is your best choice
How to choose a web design company
Masha Swain
When starting a new business or moving your business online, choosing the right IT and web support from the beginning is essential.
How to build a minimum viable product: a practical guide
Charles Swain
In this article, we provide a practical overview of minimum viable product (MVP) design and development.
Why we use Webflow
Inga Kot
At Heliotrope Digital, we design landing pages, apps and websites. We often build websites and landing pages without frontend developers. Our designers do it themselves and in this article we will tell you why.
What’s the difference between a website and a landing page?
Inga Kot
Having a digital presence is crucial for any business in 2021. But what does a company need? A landing page or a website? Find out in this article.
Switching from office to remote working: a guide
Masha Swain
Remote working has become a reality for many since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Here we share our experience and offer some tips for successfully working
from home.
What is digital transformation?
Charles Swain
Digital Transformation is a process all organisations must undergo in order to stay competitive. But what is it? And what are the keys to a successful digital transformation programme?


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