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Website's technical SEO audit

SEO audit is a detailed check of your project for technical errors and compliance with Google requirements.

As part of the audit, we will conduct a full analysis of the site and develop a detailed technical task, the implementation of which will improve the ranking in search, indexing of the resource and attract more traffic from the search.

When is an SEO audit of a website necessary?

If the site has not been dealt with for a long time

If there was a long pause in the promotion or advertising of your site, you need to analyze your resource to assess its readiness for further SEO work.

At the stage of finalizing the resource

Whenever a significant change is made to the structure of a website, it is imperative to check it for errors and match the requirements of the search engines.

At the beginning of SEO promotion

For the correct selection of a strategy for promoting your resource. In this case, it will be necessary to identify and eliminate all possible errors for further full-fledged promotion and draw up a work plan.

In order to improve the development of the site

If you decide to find new ways to promote your resource, assess its competitiveness in a niche of interest, analyze strategies for promoting competitors, to successfully compete for traffic with competitors in the search results, to make the website more convenient and attractive to the target audience.

What you get when you order a site audit

Technical analysis of the current site and recommendations for edits

It is technical mistakes that often prevent a project from growing. Compliance with search engine technical guidelines is something that many projects lack for better ranking in Google and other search engines

Analysis and edits of the site structure

A competent site structure is a guarantee of convenience, functionality and site growth potential. We understand this, therefore we offer you a turnkey solution based on the analysis of your business and competitors.

Development of a link building strategy and recommendations for building a link portfolio
of the site

Placing natural links and manual work with webmasters and bloggers is one of the stages that gives significant results for site growth.

Making recommendations on the completeness of the semantic core and quality of content

High-quality content written according to a well-composed semantic core is the key to the growth of most projects.

What result will you get?

Increase in traffic

Growth of positions in search engine results

Improvement of website conversions

Improvement of behavioral factors

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